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Swimming and Underwater Treadmills

We believe that all dogs should have the opportunity to have fun and safe alternatives to exercising. Swimming is a great way to exercise your dog and give them a new hobby. Swimming is great in the summer to cool down or even in the winter when cooped up inside all day!

Above Ground Pool


Our above ground pool is 12FT x 20FT, heated to about 88 - 92 degrees. We have built in anti-slip ramps and stairs for easy access to all dogs! There are resting stations/benches in the water for your dog to take a much needed break while swimming. All dogs are fitted and wear life vest in pool and around pool area. 

The swimming pool is not only used for fun but also for dogs in need of rehab! Swimming is great for all neurological disorders, arthritis, weight management, amputees, and orthopedic disorders. 

Underwater Treadmill

Unlike humans dogs can't perform certain exercises they need for themselves. That's the underwater treadmill gives them a great way to get low impact conditioning workouts. When your dog is in the treadmill the water produces resistance and buoyancy to help strengthen muscles and reduce pressure/pain on joints/limbs.

Underwater treadmill is great for dogs who are recovering from neurological, orthopedic, or weight issues. Some common pathologies would be hip dysplasia, ACL/CCL tears, IVDD, medial patella luxation, elbow dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, arthritis, and more!


Land Treadmill

Our land treadmill is great for dogs who have high energy or are very athletic! Young dogs, active dogs, or dogs who are scared of water can also try out this method of exercise. The land treadmill is also a great tool to help dogs lose weight! Max weight allowed on treadmill is 180 pounds. Speed can go up to 7.5 mph! Stop by and try out the dog land treadmill! Your pooch will thank you!

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