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Frenquently Asked Questions

Is the water safe for my dog?

-Yes we use chlorine to kill bacteria and harmful contaminants in the pool. Chlorine is safe for dogs and washes off the skin easier than Bromine!


What temperature is the pool/treadmills kept at and why?

-We keep the temperature at 88-92 degrees. The warm water helps relaxes your dog's muscles and joints! During the summer months the temperature will be brought down a few degrees to make it more comfortable.


How do I book an appointment?

-Our facility is APPOINTMENT ONLY. You can make an appointment by calling (224-716-8002) OR schedule your next appointment at the front desk.


Can I swim with my dog?

-No, we only allow staff inside the pools and treadmills for safety reasons. Sitting pool/treadmill side is encouraged to help motivate your dog during their session.


What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

-Towels, toys, and fresh water is provided in the facility. We always suggest a towel for the ride home. A list of your dogs current vaccinations.


Can I bring more than one dog?

-Yes we allow up to two dogs in the pool at a time for safety reasons. Dogs should be from the same household, will be charged a 2 dog fee.


What age can my puppy start swimming?

-We recommend puppies to at least be 3+ months old to begin their swimming lessons. Once your puppy passed their vaccinations and fecal requirements they are allowed to swim!


What if my dog doesn't like swimming?

-We do not offer any refunds for lessons or packages. If you do not want your dog to continue swimming you can donate your swims to another dog. Most dogs take 3-10 visits or more to get use to or like swimming. 

What if my dog is people/dog aggressive?

-We try our best to work with all types of dog personalities. If your dog is dog aggressive we offer special secluded entrances away from other dogs. All sessions are personal and no other dog or human will be in or around the pool expect your dog's swim instructor. We try our best to work with human aggressive dogs. We may ask you to bring a muzzle. Depends on the severity of the aggression.

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