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Your dogs first swim can be really exciting! This list will help you know what to bring to get started! First, all session are APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call us one or two days ahead of the selected time slot you want. Lastly, all dogs are welcomed!

What to do:

-Call ahead of time and give information about your dogs vet. We will call them and make sure its safe for your furry friends to swim.

-All clients will be asked to fill out New Client forms. Come 5-10 minutes early to fill out forms before their first session.

-Do not feed your dog TWO HOURS before their swim lesson. Try to limit water consumption as well.

-Right before your visit try to make sure all last potty breaks are available to them.

What to bring:

-Bring your dogs favorite toy or snack. If they have not had any experience with the water. We want this to be a fun time for the dog and stress free! 

-We offer towels and blow dryers for after their swim. We recommend bringing a towel for your car ride home! Especially for those extra furry friends! 

-Bring leash and collars you don't mind getting wet. All dogs must be leashed!

-Records of vaccinations. Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper. Can be faxed over by you or your vet. Paper copies are accepted.


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